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Our collab with hosiery blogger Soni Panda & artist Vik Kainth

Daria Sadkina

Posted on March 14 2017

Being quite a creative bunch ourselves, we always look forward to working on custom Soni Panda in custom printed tattoo tights by Stop & Staredesigns that break up our more or less settled day-to-day routine! So far we worked on several projects including Happy Birthday tights, company logos, hen party taglines, as well as tattoos designs that our clients wanted to try out on tights before committing to them for real in the future. 

A couple of weeks ago, one of the first fashion bloggers to have ever tried our tattoo tights and our great supporter since then, Soni Panda asked if we'd be interested in printing a custom-designed pair for her. Yay! But the most exciting part was seeing the design we were to print: a set of two beautiful Maharanis set on a bed of vibrant oriental flowers, designed by Vik Kainth - a very talented and inspirational freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in London. Make sure to check out Vik's amazing work and online store.  

This is what Soni had to say in her review, a full version of which you can read here:

Stop & Stare custom printed tattoo tights for Soni Panda"I decided to do a little collaboration of my own with Vik Kainth! I absolutely love his artwork and I thought to myself, how can I get this promoted so it works for me and him?

So one of my greatest ideas was to get his design done on a pair of tights instead – making the legs to utter focal point!

Now this is where Stop & Stare came in as I knew they could do custom designs, and with a bit of tweaking here and there, it came ALIVE!

The design is just beautiful. Up close you can see the nitty gritty parts, which I actually love. It just adds to the overall look. Moving further away, I have to say it really does look like 2 gigantic tattoos on my legs.

I had so many people at work come up to me and ask when I had them done!!! I love how different they are (in terms of the culture fusion) and the whole look of it. I love that they face one another rather than straight forward or facing away.

I absolutely love this design and that Stop & Stare managed to pull this off brilliantly – I don’t think I could ever find someone better to produce good quality tights for me!" 

Soni Panda in custom printed tattoo tights by Stop & StareSoni Panda in custom printed tattoo tights by Stop & Stare

And thank you, Soni, for trusting us to re-create Vik's amazing piece of art for your legs! It's been an exciting project - loved every minute of it and looking forward to more in the future. 

Would you like a custom version of one of our existing tattoo designs or do you have a project in mind, to treat yourself or that somebody special in your life? Get in touch with us at - we'd love to hear from you! 

Take care, peeps :-)


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