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Blank 20 Denier Unisex Sheer to Waist Tights

€8.95 EUR


Since publishing our blog post explaining the base we use for our printed tattoo designs, we've received a lot of requests for an opportunity to buy our wonderful nude tights without the print - for those days when you need to observe your office dress code, when you don't feel going all bold and daring or simply for layering under trousers. So voilà, our 20 Denier sheer tights in beautiful sun-kissed shade - perfect for that sought after airbrushed finish for your legs that also hides minor skin blemishes. What's more, it's been tested to last as many as 2-3 weeks in flats - if you've ever worn a pair of thin sheer tights, you know that's a lot of wear!

Plus, it's packed with premium features that you'd expect from Stop & Stare:
  • 20 Denier material with advanced Lycra® fibres: tried and tested by real men to withstand everyday use while allowing the skin to show through
  • Natural colour which make your legs look better but they work best with hair free legs so extend the use of that razor from the face down to the legs and get defuzzing.
  • Wide comfort waistband: lets your legwear sit on the waist comfortably in the same way as boxers
  • Sheer to waist brief with hygienic cotton gusset: provides the option to replace regular underwear and socks with an all-in-one garment
  • Flat seams: a very important feature for men when it comes to putting close fitting underwear anywhere near the equipment
  • Sandal toes: invisible reinforcement for improved durability
  • 78% polyamide, 20% elastane, 2% cotton
  • Made in Italy

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      Blank 20 Denier Unisex Sheer to Waist Tights

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      Red Poppies Tattoo Sheer Tights
      J E Webley (United Kingdom)
      Red Poppies Tattoo Sheer Tights

      Great tights. Felt good , looked great. The overall effect made my outfit feel outstanding. Possibly, could have been even better with design on both legs. No hesitation in purchasing again from Stop & Stare. The service was fast and efficient.

      Mermaid Spell Tattoo Sheer Tights
      IRIS OAKLEY (United Kingdom)

      FABULOUS. I couldn't believe how BEAUTIFUL they are .THANK YOU .

      A little pricey

      These really are a little pricey, but for someone that predominantly wears black and wants to start adding a bit of color to their wardrobe with a feminine flair, these really are perfect.

      Feel great and nice looking.

      These tights are super comfortable, you even forget you wear them. They are not invisible but very difficult to notice. The tattoo by itself is very beautiful, not too big, not too small. I really enjoy wearing these tights, they look really good. Will buy more for sure.

      Maori Couple Tattoo Sheer Tights
      Aaron Alper (United States)
      Awesome hose!

      Great size for men and I get compliments all the time of my "tattoos" :) I will be buying more product for sure!