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Vintage Floral Tattoo Sheer Hold-Ups

€22.95 EUR €24.95 EUR


Simple and elegant floral monochrome pattern with intrinsic black detailing. Many people use flower tattoos to symbolize the stages, cycles and seasons of life: flower buds might represent youth, blooming flowers might represent adolescence or sexual awakening, while fruits and berries could symbolize maturity or fecundity. Flowers often represent literal and figurative blossoming, particularly when referring to a woman. The blossoming of a flower is an apt symbol for the blooming of a girl into womanhood. Flowers also signify innocence, virginity, tranquility and springtime (or youth) in general. Flowers are visual reminders of nature's bounty (as flowers are the first evolution of fruit), beauty, and also life's transient nature (which is why you see them at funerals).

  • Black Vintage Floral print of flowers on both legs: can also be worn on either side or back
  • 20 Denier material with advanced Lycra® fibres: for natural make-up finish that is also long-lasting and durable
  • Wide 7cm satin welt with 2.5 silicone band on the inside
  • Sandal toes: invisible reinforcement for your favourite peep toes
  • 80% polyamide, 20% elastane
  • Designed and hand-made in Ireland

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          beautiful pantyhose

          beautiful pantyhose now fantastic regular customer highly recommend

          beautiful pantyhose

          beautiful pantyhose beautiful designs

          Hear me roar tattoo tights

          I purchased the "hear me roar" tights and yesterday was the first time I wore them.
          I ordered the xl size as I am not a small person. I was very pleased with the sizing and they were very comfortable, they did not slip down or become baggy at all.
          The tattoo patten was very good and looked cool.
          I was very pleased with them and will definitely be ordering more and I would recommend them to other people.

          Mike Woodward

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          Jane Hackett (United Kingdom)

          Lovely tights, tattoo looks real

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          Rob (United Kingdom)

          The quality of this product is fantastic. Comfortable, great quality and realistic graphic. Would highly recommend!!