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Beauty in Death Tattoo Sheer Tights

€20.95 EUR


Skulls are the epitome of death and human mortality - a grim reminder that one day our time will be up. So what happens when you throw a snake into the mix? The meaning that you derive from a skull and snake tattoo will depend on your cultural context. In the Western world, both images symbolize the physical and spiritual destruction of a being, and the tattoo of a snake coiled around the skull means utter decay and death at the hands of a threatening creature. However in other cultures, a snake is the embodiment of healing, renewal and rebirth as it sheds its skin through sloughing. When paired with a skull - a symbol of mortality - such tattoo design becomes a symbol of death and rebirth, or the cycle of life and death.

  • Colourful skull and snake print on the front of the right leg: can also be twisted to either side or back 
  • 20 Denier material with advanced Lycra® fibres: tried and tested by real men to withstand everyday use while allowing the skin to show through
  • Natural colour which make your legs look better but they work best with hair free legs so extend the use of that razor from the face down to the legs and get defuzzing.
  • Wide comfort waistband: lets your legwear sit on the waist comfortably in the same way as boxers
  • Sheer to waist brief with hygienic cotton gusset: provides the option to replace regular underwear and socks with an all-in-one garment
  • Flat seams: a very important feature for men when it comes to putting close fitting underwear anywhere near the equipment
  • Sandal toes: invisible reinforcement for improved durability
  • 78% polyamide, 20% elastane, 2% cotton
  • Designed and hand-made in Ireland

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      beautiful pantyhose

      beautiful, very comfortable, really superb

      Ian Foster
      Rocking those tattoos

      I have my third pair of tattoo tights. They are fabulous idea. You can have leg tattoos without the pain at a fraction of the cost and change your look whenever you like. They are excellent quality comfortable tights. The designs are original and very realistic. Stop and Stare are an inclusive company designing and promoting unisex genderless tights. Wear what you like and let them stare.

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      Gorgeous I'm really pleased 😀 Thank you...

      Gorgeous I'm really pleased 😀 Thank you 😊

      Beautiful tights, great quality. Will be w...

      Beautiful tights, great quality. Will be wearing them with my tea lenght wedding dress.

      Amazing nylons,the tatoo lpoks so real,lov...

      Amazing nylons,the tatoo lpoks so real,love them