Damask Owl Tattoo Sheer Tights

€19.95 EUR


As a spirit animal, the owl reveals to us what lies beyond the veil of deception and illusion which is why owl tattoos are strongly linked to wisdom, mystery, knowledge, foresight and intuition. Owls have their eyes fixed in their sockets and have to turn their entire head around - for this reason, the owl symbolizes a watchful observer and a strong guide for assessing difficult situations, as well as discovering one's hidden abilities and potential. Owl can also represent our loved ones always watching over us even when they're physically gone. Native American tribes viewed the owl as a protector from harm, while in other traditions, the owl is a guardian of the After Life, viewed as a transition and not a loss.

  • Black owl print on the front of the right leg: can also be twisted to either side or back 
  • 20 Denier material with advanced Lycra® fibres: for natural make-up finish that is also long-lasting and durable
  • Wide comfort waistband: to keep your tights in place all day long without cutting into your skin
  • Sheer to waist brief: for your shortest dresses, skirts and shorts
  • Cotton gusset: has hygienic effect of underwear, so you can skip one if you wish
  • Flat seams: no more bulging seams under tight-fitting clothes
  • Sandal toes: invisible reinforcement for your favourite peep toes
  • 78% polyamide, 20% elastane, 2% cotton
  • Designed and hand-made in Ireland

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